Philippe Coutinho


Name: Philippe Coutinho
Team: Barcelona stats
Number: 14
Position: Forward
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Date of birth: 25 years (1992-06-12)
Nationality: Brazil

Info Philippe Coutinho
Philippe Coutinho plays the position Forward, is 25 years old and 171cm tall, weights 68kg.

In the current club Barcelona played 1 seasons , during this time he played 17 matches and scored 3 goals.
In the current season Philippe Coutinho
scored 16 goals.
0 goals in national team ( Friendlies).
In the club he scored 16 goals ( Copa del Rey, Champions League , Champions League , Premier League, La Liga, Capital One, Premier League Asia Trophy, Friendlies, Audi Cup 1). Philippe Coutinho this seasons has also noted 13 assists, played 4647 minutes in the season, with 31 times he played game in first line.

Philippe Coutinho shots an average of 0.39 goals per game in club competitions.

Last season his average was 0.33 goals per game, in last season he scored 14 goals in 43 club matches.
In the current season for Barcelona Philippe Coutinho gave a total of 91 shots, of which 41 were shots on goal. Passes completed Philippe Coutinho in current season is 82 percent

Philippe Coutinho stats

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