Sergio Busquets reaches agreement in principle to renew his contract

An improved contract for Sergio Busquets is expected to be sorted before the World Cup starts.

According to Catalunya Ràdio , As Reported by everythingbarca Josep Bartomeu personally handed the negotiations as Busquets wanted an improved contract to represent his status in the squad. However, it is yet to be officially confirmed and the details are yet to be finalised.

This was good timing from the 29-year-old because of Andres Iniesta’s recent departure. The board can’t afford to potentially let two key players leave, as unlikely as that was, because of the effect it would have on their reputation.
Busquets’ current contract runs out in 2021, but this wage increase ensures he is happy. He is a key component of the squad psychologically as well as on the pitch. Without him, they would really struggle in the build-up stage as well as having major issues against a high press. His importance can often be overlooked externally, but Cules know how crucial he is to Barcelona’s style. However, he played poorly against Roma and Levante as well as not having a strong end to the season.
Fatigue probably played a major part in this.

It’s no coincidence that the two key losses of this season were related to his performance. He ensures that everything is running smoothly by working out in-game solutions. This seamless build-up ensures that the forward players, specifically Lionel Messi, have service. Therefore, they can progress up the pitch and open up the opposition in their attacking shape.

Improvements are needed in midfield, though, to help him control games because too much pressure can be put on him and Messi. Iniesta helped in this regard, but he has now left. This additional control will reduce the amount of time play breaks down and leave them less vulnerable to quick transitions, which is a major issue for Busquets due to his lack of pace.

The club needs to start planning for his departure as well as reducing his workload. Keeping him fresh for the last few months of the season will help the Catalans significantly. This is most important in terms of the Champions League; Barcelona haven’t won it since 2015 and have to watch as their major rivals compete for a third consecutive triumph.

Sergi Samper and Oriol Busquets are the main candidates to replace him unless they look externally. Ivan Rakitic could potentially be a short-term solution as a rotation option. However, Samper and Busquets both have a La Masia education and are suitable for his role. Samper’s development has been hindered by poor loan moves and injuries, though. He may not be able to live up to his early potential.
The younger Busquets has all the tools to live up to his namesake, though. Ernesto Valverde needs to bring him up to the first-team as
mentioned earlier in the season. First-team opportunities are the best way for him to develop. However, the immediate priority will be to extend his contract with it set to run out next month.

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